Sarah Coles

It’s on an Iron Age cauldron.   Gods and beasts?   I think it’s a shaman in a forest of limes – you can see their leaves – holding his torque and serpent; he’s also flying through the leaves on a fish. It’s the weird wilderness I try to create in my garden, to get back to, with trees, and wild animals galore.

Gardening – I try to make something beautiful, in the shape and design, the flowers and leaves, yes, this is art, and I’m thrilled when runner beans produce and parsley flourishes, but basically it’s about being connected. All problems and worries slip into minor gear as this sense of peace descends. The robin comes hoping for worms. The flowers like me enjoy the sun. Like me they shiver and shrink in winter. In spring the trees reach out to the warmer days and say At Last we can grow. The insects, the worms, the pigeons, the grass, we all feel it.  We all cringe under hail.  This moment we’d all like some rain.

It’s a spiritual activity, a connection.

My book, Life the Universe and Gardening, explores the reasons why we garden.   As we garden we use all our senses, sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste.  We find and create  new patterns and new colours.  We meet animals varying  from   insects to worms and calling birds, mice and hedgehogs, and we learn to understand and love – or tolerate at the least – them all.  We see mathematical patterns in flower shapes and leaves, we learn that all life, every living thing, emerges and has its span of glory.  We join with nature, we find the soul of all things.

Life the Universe and Gardening has been published by In the Garden Publishing,, edited and designed by its wonderful founder Christine Horner.  It is illustrated.  It is available in the UK at and in the USA at as a book and as kindle, or it can be ordered from book sellers..


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